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March 16, 2014
16 Mar 2014

Wedding Albums v Digital Downloads

How do you want to remember your wedding on your first anniversary?

This is a question I ask all my clients prior to booking. This will have a few folk tutting and disagreeing initially, but bear with me.

Some years ago, some photographer thought it would be a good idea just to offer clients their wedding photography in digital only format and post them out just on a (then) DVD. This is great for the photographers. No album to buy in, much less processing and album design time.

Everything is digital now right? ITunes, Netflix, et al. Everything is a digital download these days isn’t it?

But hold on. Is your wedding day really only worth a digital download? Isn’t that stuff here today and gone tomorrow? Forsaken for a new format, a new way of viewing? Technology changes so fast.

It’s not unlike the clamour when digital photography first came around. Ditch the negatives, close the darkrooms. …And CDs. I clearly remember the day when I sold all my albums to get ready for the new fantastic format of digital disks.

How short sighted was I?

Discerning folk now seek out their music on vinyl, and certainly many photographers will still acknowledge that film stills photography has something that can’t quite be replicated by digital, even if it’s now inadequate for wedding photography.

So, my original question was, “How do you want to remember your first anniversary?”

And I do mean visualise how you want it to be.

Snuggled up on the sofa with your loved one, chilled bottle of wine and leafing through a carefully chosen selection of images, all individually crafted in  bespoke wedding albums. Alternatively, huddled around a laptop going through the mass of images the photographer gave you.

Does your family possess heirlooms? No? Maybe this is how to start a family tradition. Wedding albums to hand down to your grandchildren and leaf through for many anniversaries to come; as opposed to a files of images you rarely look at next to last years blockbuster and those holiday pictures that also never quite made it into a book.

As all photographers know, its largely how you present pictures that makes you return time and time again to leaf through them. Exactly the same goes for engagement photos.

Don’t allow your wedding pictures to become a temporary download, choose an heirloom.



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  1. Beth Herzhaft says:

    So true, Bob. Thanks for putting this out there. The importance of albums can get drowned out too easily.

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