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Nottinghamshire Wedding Photographer | Swancar Farm Country House

April 27, 2013
27 Apr 2013

Swancar Farm Country House

It’s always my joy and pleasure to travel round the country to document fabulous weddings. Deborah and David had booked Swancar Farm Country House near Nottingham in order to have a lovely spring wedding in a secluded and open setting but guess what? When their day came around in late March there was heavy snow and gale force winds, forcing a few minor changes.

One of the things I find through experience is that the more pragmatic the bride and groom are to things they can’t control, such as the weather; the more they enjoy the day. If your enjoyment of your wedding hinges on every detail, especially the weather, being absolutely perfect, something may go awry. My advice is always to at least think about, if not plan a contingency, some aspect of the weather turning out to be any less than perfect. I always plan for alternative locations for photography and I’ve known some brides make fun features out of white umbrellas or even white wellington boots. At least if it’s given some consideration, it’s won’t be a surprise on the day, and hopefully it just becomes a feature, rather than a problem. Worry and the things you can control, not the things you can’t.

I’d planned for the worst and travelled in good time and Swancar is such a well prepared venue with totally unflappable staff, that the snow and high winds just became a talking point and it didn’t phase Deborah or David one bit.

So this spring wedding became a beautiful winter wedding and here is a small collection of images from the day.

Deborah was kind enough to write a short testimonial on my Facebook page which can be seen here

Bob Owen Photography Facebook page



Venue  Swancar Farm Country House

Make up artist Ali Gunn

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Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer | An Anniversary

April 2, 2013
02 Apr 2013

Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer


A year ago I was lucky enough to photograph the wedding of Elizabeth and Atilla, two teachers from Northamptonshire. Elizabeth really prized her photography and had made all sorts of sacrifices in other areas of her wedding to ensure that she got the images she wanted, and that included finding the photographer that was right for her.  Fortunately, that was me.

When she told me that she was a music teacher and that she was selling her cello to pay for the photography, nothing was going to stop me taking them on as clients on the spot. It was so refreshing and heartening to find a couple that knew the true value of recording their memories and that put that above the price of expensive details such as chair covers or sweet stalls. It was a small and simple family wedding, but in terms of fun, love and emotion, they were the richest people in the world that day.

Following their wedding, Elizabeth sent me this lovely testimonial.

 ” Thanks Bob for your contemporary  artistic approach to our wedding day! Unobtrusively photographing the key moments, you were a great guest and true professional! Absolutely stunning results for any discerning bride and groom; thank you again for recording our day in such a beautiful and meaningful way!!  We would recommend Bob Owen Photography for any key event: beautiful, classic, natural photography. Excellent!”

Happy anniversary Elizabeth and Atilla, your wedding still makes me smile!

Here’s a selection of images from their day



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Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer | WPJA

March 20, 2013
20 Mar 2013

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer | WPJA

Press release from the Wedding Photojournalist Association.


Hertfordshire Photographer Bob Owen Earns Acceptance into the WPJA

“Bob Owen today announced his acceptance into the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), an International, membership-based organisation representing professional photographers skilled in the documentation of weddings and events in a candid, unobtrusive style. As a WPJA member, Bob joins the ranks of some of the most talented wedding photojournalists in the world as judged by their technical, creative and visual aptitude. Bob will be held to strict membership standards regarding image quality and content, technical and creative technique, website and marketing professionalism, business ethics and communication. In turn, he gains prestigious affiliation with one of the industry’s top professional organisations. Bob can further gain admittance into quarterly competitions, where his work will be judged by some of the world’s most respected and accomplished award-winning photojournalists.

Bob said, “I’m both honoured and elated to earn membership acceptance into the Wedding Photojournalist Association, to have my work alongside the WPJA’s esteemed collection of professional wedding photojournalists is a tremendous accomplishment.”

Bob offers wedding coverage to clients throughout the U.K. plus select destination wedding coverage on a case-by-case basis.

To learn more about Bob Owen Photography please visit www.bobowen.co.uk, email Hello@bobowen.co.uk or phone Bob on 07515 896 712 for an informal chat

Alternatively, please use this contact page ”


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This post first appeared on the blog of Bob Owen Photography Ltd

Social Media for Documentary Wedding Photography in London, Hertfordshire and the South East

November 2, 2012
02 Nov 2012

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer | Social Media

I have a presence on social media just about everywhere these days. If you’d like to connect on your chosen medium, please just drop me a line. Or, you could just phone me on +44 (0) 7515 896 712  I’d like to hear from you.










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Hampshire Wedding Photographer | A Testimonial

October 21, 2012
21 Oct 2012

Blowing my own trumpet doesn’t come easily to me, but despite that I’d like to share this frankly amazing email that was sent to me yesterday by Johnny and Claire regarding their dashing military wedding in Hampshire recently. I’m so pleased and honoured to have received it. Thank you folks!


“Bob Owen was kind enough to be our photographer on our fantastic wedding day; no doubt the best day of our lives!. In short Bob was efficient, unseen yet personable. Throughout the planning process Bob was careful to anitcipate every eventuality without causing any undue stress or additional work. On the day Bob was literally unseen, so much so I couldn’t believe he had managed to position himself so well as to produce such a magnificent end result. Our day ran perfectly, thank goodness, and Bob’s personable touch put us at ease. Catering for all our demands Bob was adaptable and thorough, ever mindful of the end result without pressuring us whatsoever. When the day came to choose our top shots we were in Tuscany, but with an excellently laid out and professional web site, we were able to select the shots easily, with a welcome slideshow surprise. 
Finally the album, worth every penny, this was a day that will be bound in our memories forever! 
Bob Owen completed his task with magnificence”.
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