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Smarter Working: Bob Owen Photography Ltd

April 2, 2014
02 Apr 2014

Smarter Working: Bob Owen Photography in The Guardian

This a post for small business owners and the self employed.

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This article was published in The Guardian newspaper, today, 2nd April 2014. I’m a member of The Guardian’s Small Business Network, and every so often and invited to submit a short piece on the topic that they’re running.

Here’s the full transcript and the article is here.


Small business owners often hear the old cliché that time is money but that is not wholly true, as time equals quality of life.

Of course I work every hour that I can to make my business a success, but if that’s not the most efficient use of my time, then it’s eating unnecessarily into my family time.

Following the lead of American businessman and author Timothy Ferriss, I decided that to get through my ever-expanding daily to-do list, I had to rationalise the way that I dealt with the daily deluge in my email inbox.

I prioritised the to-do list and limited myself to only checking emails at 12pm and again at 4pm. This allows the essential tasks of the day to be tackled first without distraction and for all emails to still be answered in a timely and prompt manner.

Emails that contain regular or repeated information are composed using TextExpander, an application that allows emails to be formatted and customised using just a few simple keyboard shortcuts.

The other aspect that has made huge in-roads has been to outsource. It’s been a relief to be able to find freelancers that can take on basic but time-consuming functions. I’m still dealing with the in-depth work that I do best, but it relieves some of the pressure from me when the basic work can be outsourced when workload is high. Failure to accept that I needed this form of support would have led to reduced customer service, frustration and even stagnation.

Keep it fresh and keep it fun. Spend time with your family, not your computer.


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