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All good photographers will work on personal photography projects. Personal work hones technique, allows for experimentation and just on the whole, moves a photographers skill and creativity along.

My projects and personal work consists of self directed, story telling projects. It’s far removed from wedding photography in one respect, but in another exactly the approach is followed. Getting to know the story, looking for the moments that illustrate the true story. Looking for another angle, working the angle, ensuring that the whole story is told. Telling story with images that stand up on their own, as well as working in a series and in a chronological order are what really inspires my photography. Single images are good, but when things link up and makes sense, I feels thats the real art and craft of photography. It’s not about one off “hero shots” for me. Some of the projects are by necessity short, but the more valuable and difficult will last for much longer, perhaps over the winter or even a year.

Looking for the moments

Chasing the light

Making the composition


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