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Melbourne Wedding Photographer | Lizi & Nick

March 16, 2015
16 Mar 2015

Melbourne Wedding Photographer | Australia


best Melbourne wedding photographer




I love travelling and when the opportunity presents to photograph lovely people in a terrific setting, who’s going to miss the chance?

It’s not the rock-star lifestyle however. It’s hard work, away from home and there’s a constant need for exceptional planning and preparation to ensure everything runs a well as possible. There are work visas to arrange, along with all the usual travelling documentation and what-have-you. Preparation and planning are everything in destination wedding photography.

Lizi first contacted me to ask my advice about her wedding in Melbourne over Christmas. The 27th December to be exact. That meant travelling on Christmas Eve and being away from my family over Christmas.

Lizi explained that she and Nick were Australians living and working in London and this was their opportunity to travel home, get married in front of their friends and family.  Lizi found me when looking for documentary wedding photographers in London and had liked the way that I documented the day without turning things into a magazine shoot or interfering at all.  A handful of family groups but no real portrait session to make her feel uncomfortable. Terrific, my ideal approach.

Was I available and would I travel to Australia over Christmas? It took 5 minutes and a quick conversation with my wife to decide. Oh yes. Without wanting to sound too gushing, it was an incredible honour to be asked. I was to be a Melbourne wedding photographer.

Flights and accommodation were arranged by the outstanding Lucie, manager at the Flight Centre in Regent Street, whose advice was, and is, indispensable.

Lizi and Nick treated me to a familiarisation day which took in the beach and St.Kilda area. On the way to and from I was able to walk all the routes and have a look at all the venues. Did I say how much emphasis I put on planning and preparation? I like to make sure I’ve left nothing to chance, only then can I relax.

In the morning of the 27th, Nick and the guys went to the cricket. Not just any cricket (sorry if you’re not a fan) but Australia v India, in what is the most famous ground in Australia. The Melbourne Cricket Ground. As if that wasn’t special enough, it’s also a Boxing Day ritual for Nick and his Dad who are both members. It’s a big deal for them and as the waiting list for membership is well over 20 years, not something they would consider squandering.

Around midday, I left the guys to meet Lizi and the rest of the bridal party at the Adelphi Hotel, a smart boutique hotel in the centre of Melbourne, where Lizi was getting ready.

All the guys, friends and family met up there later that day for the evening ceremony in the rooftop function room.

Lizi and Nick’s wedding was one of the most unconventional ceremonies I’ve witnessed, but also one of the most thoughtful and meaningful. It would be fair to say that it was Humanist in nature. All the words and vows had been written by them and if anyone doubted their love and commitment prior this this, then they were left in no doubt afterwards. And boy, was the sun strong.

The party lasted well into the night and the UK sleep pattern kicked in, so I was still wide awake at 1am.

Enough words, I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Here’s a small selection from the images that are going to make up their wedding album

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Melbourne01 Melbourne02


This is a wedding photograph!









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Testimonial | Taylors Farm Retreat Wedding Photographer

February 1, 2015
01 Feb 2015



Kathy & Chris-18



It’s always great to receive a testimonial from a client. These are people that really “get” my approach.

Their requirements and my “vision” of their day are entirely in sync and that’s both hear warming and humbling in equal measure. I’m always as flexible about how I cover day, but as I consider myself to be a photographer and a storyteller, there are some things that just sit well with that approach. This type of documentary wedding photography appeals to people who don’t want to think about photography much on the day. They’re probably the people who actually think about photography most overall. They’ll tell me about their hopes and requirements for their wedding photography with me, and I’m a good listener, but on the day, want to spend all their time with friends and family and have that recorded in a relaxed, natural and often candid way. I work in close, not on the periphery with a long lens. I mingle with the guests. I’m not the invisible man, but I recognise the day is about the couple, their friends and they’re family, not me.

Here’s what Chris sent to me once Kathy and Chris had seen their images from their Taylors Farm Retreat Wedding 

Bob! I salute you! Couldn’t recommend you more mate…. Top bloke, great photographer, enough said! Thanks again, we’ll remember you for the rest of our lives together!


A selection from their wedding can be seen here.

If you like what you see and would like to know more about my approach to documentary wedding photography, you can contact me here, and there are a few more testimonials here, because it’s not about what I say. It’s really about what former clients and the photographs that I make that can do the talking.

Taylors Farm Retreat | Candid Wedding Photography | Chris & Kathy

January 31, 2015
31 Jan 2015

Taylors Farm Retreat Wedding Photography | London


Taylors Farm Retreat | Candid Wedding Photography | Chris & Kathy

Relaxed, natural and candid wedding photography in London

Here’s Kathy and Chris’s wedding for late last summer. Thought the cold months of February would be best to look back on this long hot day.

Relaxed and natural photography was the order of the day.

It was an easy drive down to South London Kathy’s home where she was getting ready. All the family gathered round as Kathy got ready making for a fun bustling atmosphere.

It’s always a consideration when getting ready. Do you want all the hustle and bustle of family around supporting you? Or just a few people, so that everything can stay relaxed and chilled? Either is perfect for documentary wedding photography, but what’s right for you?

From Kathy’s I made my way to Chris’s local pub where he was meeting up with all the groomsmen. All in matching bespoke suits and with the ushers presentation fob watches, they looked razor sharp.

At the church, everyone was gathering right on time. The ushers did a great job, shepherding everyone about. It’s noticeable how well wedding days run when groomsmen take the stress off the couple.

As Kathy made her way in she looked quite beautiful and I’m sure Chris has “a moment” when he first saw her.

When it came to exchange of rings, Chris had “upgraded” Kathy’s ring (unbeknown to her) to something she had longed for. When she first saw it and realised what had happened, the tears flowed with joy and a fair few of the family joined in. It took a few minutes for things to settle!

The reception was at Taylors Farm near Dorking. The reception was full of love fun and dancing, which reflected Kathy and Chris’s personality perfectly.

Chris and Kathy opted for a bespoke wedding album. The fun stuff goes on Instagram, their holiday snaps on the computer, but their wedding photography was way more important than that. An album was the only choice, making it into an heirloom, not something everyday at all

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Here are doe pictures from the day



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Landmark Hotel Wedding | London | Sahar & Amin

December 21, 2014
21 Dec 2014

Landmark Hotel Wedding | London

The Landmark Hotel wedding of Sahar and Amin towards the end of 2014 was my first Persian wedding in London. When they asked to see me and discuss their hopes for their wedding photography, I had no idea what to expect, but I’m a wedding storyteller and this is their story. Sahar and Amin wanted a photojournalistic approach for their day and my aim is to be a witness to their emotions and their day. Candid and relaxed and the keys to my approach to documentary wedding photography.

I don’t want to change how the day unfolds and I certainly don’t want to influence proceedings, but I’m documenting a family story, and these shots can be part of that story. It’s all done in about 20 minutes and very quick and calm. They’re not compulsory however; it’s all about what the family wants. Sahar had planned everything meticulously, and that included an Persian Knife Dance. That conjured up some images in my mind for sure! The day started with some preparations at the Landmark Hotel followed by some couples shots prior to the ceremony. The wedding itself took place in a sumptuous, chandelier clad room, with an aisle longer than most churches. Some speeches were conducted mostly in Farsi, but the resulting emotions and tears broke any language or cultural barriers right down. The Persian knife dance turned out to be a charming and fun prelude to the cutting of the cake. A very vibrant party ensued, with much dancing and not a little cigar smoking from the guys. They will be choosing images for their bespoke handmade album in the new year, so in the meantime, here is a selection of images from the day. Landmark Hotel Wedding London-1Weddings at the LandmarkLondon weddings at the Landmark HotelLand Mark Hotel wedding photographyLandmark Weddingsbride unveiled at Landmark weddingbrides veil at Landmark Hotel weddingexchanging rings Landmark HotelLondon wedding first kissthe aisle at the landmark hotelWedding at the Landmark ceremonyLandmark hotel receptionLandmark hotel weddingsPersian Knife Dance Landmark HotelLandmark Persian WeddingsPersian weddings in LondonIraninan weddings at the LandmarkLandmark Hotel Persian weddingLandmark Hotel Iranian weddingsLondon weddings at the Landmark HotelPersian best mans speech at Landmark hotelGroom at the Landmark HotelBride at the Landmark HotelHugs at Landmark Hotel weddingLandmark hotel London hugs at weddingwedding hugs Landmark Hotel LondonPersian dancing Landmark hoteldancing at Persian wedding LondonIranian wedding LondonPersian wedding dancePersian wedding dancing bride and groom at Persian wedding Londonselfie at Landmark Persian weddingIranian bride at the Landmark hotelLandmark Hotel Weddingsweddings at the landmarkIranian wedding dancecigars at Landmark hotel weddingGroom Landmark Hotel Wedding London

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Berkhamsted Wedding | The Gatsby | Hertfordshire

August 11, 2014
11 Aug 2014

Berkhamsted Wedding at The Gatsby, Hertfordshire


Weddings in Berkhamstead


On the day of Laura and James’s wedding we were having a spat of those heavy summer showers followed by wonderful sunny periods. I crossed my fingers that we could weave our way through it all without getting soaked.

Arriving at Laura’s mum’s house in the morning, all I could hear was the constant laughter. This, I decided, was the key to a great day. Laura had made all the plans, delegated all the tasks. If it rained, then so what? Nothing was going to stop the love, laughter and fun during this wedding.

After some getting ready shots, I made my way down to Berkhamsted Town Hall. Inside it was like stepping back in time 50 years. Stained glass and polished oak made for a classic setting for the ceremony.

James was there laughing and joking and so well supported by his friends. I knew the joking and back slapping would wear off once he was at the front, awaiting Laura.

Guys will always have a ‘moment’ when their bride walks down the aisle and they see her for the first time. I say it’s something to be proud of, even if there’s a tear shed. It’s the mark of the true man to show some emotion in my opinion.

Following the ceremony we dodged the rain and made our way to The Gatsby, a local restaurant. The Gatsby is a converted cinema that dates back to the 30’s and maintains it’s art deco theme throughout, very cool with helpful and friendly staff.

A great night ensued and The Gatsby was full to the brim with family, friends and well-wishers.

Congratulations again to James and Laura on their Berkhamsted wedding. Here is a small selection from the day.


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