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My Type of Group Shot – Oxford Wedding Photographer

May 9, 2013
09 May 2013

My Type of Group Shot

Whilst family groups are an important part of many weddings, I much prefer images such as this from a personal perspective. There are actually 6 conversations taking place here, and everyone is animated and natural.

For some, this might not even be considered a wedding photograph, the bride’s facing away from us after all, but that is to miss the point. Weddings are about the coming together of people and families and that is what I strive to show in my documentary wedding photography.

Pictures of rows of people standing and smiling serve as record shots of who attended your wedding, but the pictures that show the character, love and connection between people, are a series of pictures like this.

This image also serves as a preview of a forthcoming blog post of Simon and Emily’s wedding from the magnificent Christ Church Cathedral and Bodleian Library in Oxford.

If this is your sort of documentary wedding photography as well, please get in touch.


Wedding Photography at Oxford University


Any ‘brides to be’ reading this might choose to stop reading now, as there’s a bit of technical information for photographers.

Anyone who know me, knows that I’m not a gear head but I’ve recently become a convert to the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 camera, used to make this image.  I generally shoot all my weddings with flagship digital SLRs, but there are times when this small, low profile camera comes into it’s own.

Being discreet at a wedding is usually about how the photographer conducts themselves and what they’re wearing (I always take my cue from the guest dress code) rather than the camera in their hands, but there’s no doubt carrying such a small camera has enabled me to move amongst the guests like, well, another guest, not ‘the photographer’.

I’m not looking for a reaction from the guests, I want their interaction and reaction with each other, so anything that enables me to capture those moments well is going to be something I’ll use to best effect.

The X-Pro 1 can be used to good effect during the bride’s preparation as well, sometimes reducing the feeling that she’s being subjected to a fashion shoot, or being made to feel unnecessarily stressed by the additional attention.

I don’t do camera reviews as such, but if anyone is thinking of an additional camera for using during specific parts of a wedding, this is definitely one to consider. I won’t be using it to replace my SLR cameras at weddings, it can’t compete in some areas, but it’s definitely an addition to my ‘toolkit’.

A small and select band of photographers steered me towards this camera, so thanks must go to them. You know who you are guys; I’m obliged.


Christ Church Cathedral

Bodleian Library

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8 replies
  1. Joelle Poulos says:

    What a lovely shot! I also agree with what your saying – candid wedding photography is the way forward!


  2. Neale James says:

    Agree with Martin on this one Bob – lots of ‘storytelling’ going on. Love the colour and clarity you’ve achieved with the X-Pro1 too.

  3. Rob Dodsworth says:

    Great post Bob and a great little capture. I’d love the X-Pro 1…it’s my daughters birthday soon, maybe I can treat her to an early present!

  4. Adam Trigg says:

    Bob – that’s my type too – they mean so much more (especially when looking back after a while) than a posed group shot… nice work, good lighting and I’m jealous of that X1-Pro… saving up :-)

  5. Mick says:

    Bob, you were always a photography visionary. I see nothing has changed! Great shot.

  6. Catherine White says:

    Love your work Bob — whether black and white or colour, staged or candid, you really capture the spirit of the occasion.

  7. Martin Hambleton says:

    Some serious narrative in this shot Bob. Love it.

  8. James says:

    I love these types of groups shots Bob, great stuff.

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