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How Long Do You Shoot For? | Reportage & Documentary London Wedding Photography

June 25, 2012
25 Jun 2012

How Long Do You Shoot For?


I’ve had a lot of enquiries recently about the length of time I shoot at weddings, or at what time I intend on finishing.

This is clearly due to the fact that a lot of wedding photographers limit the time of their working day, basing their costs on their time worked. Much like any other job.

I am the very opposite and take an entirely contrary view. It’s not my time that’s important.

THE most important things to me, to the exclusion of all else, are your pictures.

If I start at 2am and I’m still going the following 2am, it’s because it’s been an incredible time, and I want to tell the story of that day from beginning to end. I don’t care about anything but you, your family and friends and getting the shots you want.

My Queensberry albums or DVDs are THE most important possession that you take away from a wedding and I want them to be the very best I can make. After all, when the day is done and you’re back from honeymoon, it’s the only thing left to remind you of the most special day in your life.

So, please don’t worry about asking me how long I shoot for.

I’m there to tell the story of your day from the very start, to the very end.



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  1. Martin Price says:

    Totally the right approach Bob! As photographers we’re there to capture the day for our clients and get those fabulous pictures, not to worry about whether it’s time to clock off yet.

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