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Hertfordshire Wedding Photofilm

March 17, 2017
17 Mar 2017

Here’s a video introducing my approach to Hertfordshire wedding photography

I have a low profile approach, ensuring you spend time with your friends and family and not being directed by a photographer. Individual images can only give a flavour of the way a photographer works, much like a website is only and introduction.

I always recommend clients look at least two full weddings (that is, the gallery that is supplied to clients) and speak face to face with with the photographer. If distance is an issue, Skype or Google Hangout should be the bear minimum level of contact.

You’re probably going to spend more time with the photographer than many of your friends or family, so it is absolutely key that the photographer understands your vibe and that you trust them implicitly. That just can’t be ensured by a couple of photo calls alone.

I’m a big fan or clients including an album  in their coverage, as well as digital images. It’s not as expensive as you may think and albums provide a family legacy that will be passed on to children and grandchildren as a family history. Digital images can be transitory and may be lost over time. Your wedding photographs are too important to loose. I only use Queensberry albums, which can be viewed here

Where it’s at all practical, I will always strive to meet clients at home or a venue that’s mutually convenient. Contact me today to discuss your hope and aspirations for you wedding photography. I’d love to hear your plans.

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