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The Guardian Newspaper | London Reportage Wedding Photographer

January 11, 2014
11 Jan 2014
The Guardian features Bob Owen Photograohy

Guardian Small Business Showcase


Featured in The Guardian Small Business Network Showcase



For those who just want a quick read, here’s the article in full. It was written to illustrate my business practise more than anything.

Name: Bob Owen Photography Ltd
Website: www.bobowen.co.uk

I’m a Hertfordshire and London-based wedding photographer. I specialise in a photojournalistic approach.

Since starting up work from home I’ve employed the full spectrum of social media and search engine optimisation to my business. This has kept advertising budgets to a bare minimum, received much attention and completely negated the commute. Hours as a home worker are as flexible as possible, but as I’m well motivated, they are long. Far better than wasted hours on the M25, however.

Contracts are sent out and signed electronically and portfolios are often viewed online. Pdfs are emailed or stored in the cloud. Banking is online as are my accountant and bookkeeping. It’s even possible to edit photographs and be highly productive in the garden.

As I work alone it’s vital that I network with other suppliers in the industry. Social media has allowed me to contact and develop relationships in the real world that have helped build my business. I’ve met numerous other photographers who have been both supportive and prepared to share expertise. They’ve been invaluable.

I’ve also recently had small features in Turning Pro Magazine, Professional Photographer and Black & White Photography magazine. This has demonstrated how the traditional print media still has a role to play, as their online versions have increased traffic to my website. All monitored by analytics of course. From the garden.





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  1. Will Loyd-Holmes says:

    Good article Bob, only just saw it. Really highlights how important networking with others in the industry can really prove vital in our business. I wonder how we did it 20 years ago?!

  2. Jo Blackwell says:

    Nice article, Bob – sums up our state perfectly! Social Media is my “water cooler” and I too find my links with other photographers invaluable, not only for help and encouragement – which is plentiful – but for referrals, second shooting opportunities and general industry chit chat.


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