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Pre-Wedding or Engagement Shoot? | How does that fit in with documentary wedding photography?

May 31, 2012
31 May 2012

Engagement Shoot


Charlie and David

When I speak to some of my couples, it’s clear that some aren’t exactly sure what I mean when I talk about an engagement or pre-wedding shoot…..and why should they unless someone’s told them along the way?

I want my blog posts to be helpful and informative, so here’s what my engagement shoots are all about. It’s a complimentary part of my package and is worth £100, my normal portrait fee, so it’s well worth taking advantage of. The main point for the session is for you to get used to being photographed and for me to learn more about you both, your plans for the special day and the important people in your lives. The more I know about things in general, the less I have to interfere and interrupt on the big day, allowing you to get on with enjoying yourselves in the company of your friends and family, not the photographer.

So where would we go? If you have a place that’s special to you, or a mood or feeling you want to capture, we’ll talk that over in detail, but if you want to leave that decision to me, I have lots of locations to choose from. The session normally lasts about 2 hours, but it’s more important to me to get great shots of you both, so if that runs over a bit, I don’t care in the least. At the end of the shoot I’ll give you details of when and how you can view the images, which are for sale, but there’s absolutely no pressure to buy at all. If it rains or the weather just isn’t up to much, we’ll just rearrange things without any dramas or additional fees.

Will I shoot colour as well as black and white? As I’m often saying, I shoot predominately but not exclusively in black and white, so a few colour shots will often be included.

I hope I’ve conveyed the fact that THE most important thing to me, is getting the best possible images for you and that I’m genuinely passionate and committed to what I do.




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  1. Andy Francis e-style says:

    Brilliant Bob, a great shot!

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