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The Guardian Newspaper | London Reportage Wedding Photographer

January 11, 2014
11 Jan 2014
The Guardian features Bob Owen Photograohy

Guardian Small Business Showcase


Featured in The Guardian Small Business Network Showcase


The Guardian Newspaper

For those who just want a quick read, here’s the article in full. It was written to illustrate my business practise more than anything.

Name: Bob Owen Photography Ltd
Website: www.bobowen.co.uk

I’m a Hertfordshire and London-based wedding photographer. I specialise in a photojournalistic approach.

Since starting up work from home I’ve employed the full spectrum of social media and search engine optimisation to my business. This has kept advertising budgets to a bare minimum, received much attention and completely negated the commute. Hours as a home worker are as flexible as possible, but as I’m well motivated, they are long. Far better than wasted hours on the M25, however.

Contracts are sent out and signed electronically and portfolios are often viewed online. Pdfs are emailed or stored in the cloud. Banking is online as are my accountant and bookkeeping. It’s even possible to edit photographs and be highly productive in the garden.

As I work alone it’s vital that I network with other suppliers in the industry. Social media has allowed me to contact and develop relationships in the real world that have helped build my business. I’ve met numerous other photographers who have been both supportive and prepared to share expertise. They’ve been invaluable.

As well as the Guardian Newspaper I’ve also recently had small features in Turning Pro Magazine, Professional Photographer and Black & White Photography magazine. This has demonstrated how the traditional print media still has a role to play, as their online versions have increased traffic to my website. All monitored by analytics of course. From the garden.




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Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer | WPJA

March 20, 2013
20 Mar 2013

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer | WPJA

Press release from the Wedding Photojournalist Association.


Hertfordshire Photographer Bob Owen Earns Acceptance into the WPJA

“Bob Owen today announced his acceptance into the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), an International, membership-based organisation representing professional photographers skilled in the documentation of weddings and events in a candid, unobtrusive style. As a WPJA member, Bob joins the ranks of some of the most talented wedding photojournalists in the world as judged by their technical, creative and visual aptitude. Bob will be held to strict membership standards regarding image quality and content, technical and creative technique, website and marketing professionalism, business ethics and communication. In turn, he gains prestigious affiliation with one of the industry’s top professional organisations. Bob can further gain admittance into quarterly competitions, where his work will be judged by some of the world’s most respected and accomplished award-winning photojournalists.

Bob said, “I’m both honoured and elated to earn membership acceptance into the Wedding Photojournalist Association, to have my work alongside the WPJA’s esteemed collection of professional wedding photojournalists is a tremendous accomplishment.”

Bob offers wedding coverage to clients throughout the U.K. plus select destination wedding coverage on a case-by-case basis.

To learn more about Bob Owen Photography please visit www.bobowen.co.uk, email Hello@bobowen.co.uk or phone Bob on 07515 896 712 for an informal chat

Alternatively, please use this contact page ”


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This post first appeared on the blog of Bob Owen Photography Ltd

Think About Your Budget for Wedding Photography Carefully

November 22, 2012
22 Nov 2012

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer | Back Up Your Wedding Images


I just heard from another documentary wedding photographer about a bride who had damaged her CD of wedding photographs from 2007 and needed a replacement.

It just made me feel really sorry for all those people that bought cheap wedding photography (south of £1000) and only to find out later their photographer has subsequently disappeared, or didn’t archive their images properly as they weren’t a professional. Part time and budget photographers just can’t afford to professionally archive whole weddings.

I never delete any of my documentary wedding photography and once my back-up drives are full, they are carefully archived for exactly that eventuality.

This is a bit of a cliche, but is true non-the-less. Investing in a professional photographer is about more than just the photographs on the day. You’re investing in your family’s history for your children and their children.

Why take the risk with budget photography and part-time photographers? It’s wise to invest with the future in mind.

In the days of film we used to store the negatives in fire-proof safes but if anything catastrophic happened, that was that. Now with the advent of digital imaging, we can ensure that as professionals we are able to store our clients work for a significant time and more safely than before.

Family members, friends as photographers, and the cheap end of wedding photography won’t, and can’t, do that. I see it as a duty to keep the images as long as I’m able. I have two back-up hard drives, off-site DVD storage and of course, everything is backed up to ‘The Cloud’. At any one time, your wedding photography is in four different locations.

..and of course, people tend to look after the physical much better than the digital. Who knows if a CD/DVD will even play in 20 years time, or on what machine? Well printed photographs and high quality wedding albums like Queensberry will last a lifetime and if your album is damaged in a flood or similar, I’ll be able to replace it.

It’s just one thing that marks out a professional. An attitude to clients that the low budget photographer or part-timer can’t hope to emulate. Everything is finite, but I do everything in my power to protect my clients investment.



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Social Media for Documentary Wedding Photography in London, Hertfordshire and the South East

November 2, 2012
02 Nov 2012

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer | Social Media

I have a presence on social media just about everywhere these days. If you’d like to connect on your chosen medium, please just drop me a line. Or, you could just phone me on +44 (0) 7515 896 712  I’d like to hear from you.










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Hertfordshire Wedding Photographers | What Would You Do If You Lost Your Memories

October 10, 2012
10 Oct 2012

Lost Digital Images

A short film prompting the viewer to consider the nature of lost digital images. via Reportage Wedding Photographer Bob Owen

A really thought provoking short film by Francois Ferracci. If you only have digital wedding photography, it really IS worth watching…….


Lost Memories



Documentary wedding photography by Bob Owen





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