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Haileybury Wedding Photographer | Michelle & Christopher

December 31, 2016
31 Dec 2016


Haileybury Wedding Photographer | Bob Owen Photography Ltd

Haileybury in Hertfordshire was the venue for Michelle and Christopher’s Wedding.

Our initial meetings had been difficult as Michelle’s medical career had demanded examinations at the highest level and Chris had been kept busy in Yorkshire at the family home.

Michelle was an alumni of Haileybury and so with such a prestigious school chapel at her disposal, nearly traveling back down to Hertfordshire from Leeds was never going to an issue for them. Michelle was hyper-organised, so nothing was left to chance, including me as their Haileybury wedding photographer.

Neither Michelle or Christopher wanted their day to be about stale family groups or awkward portrait sessions, so chose me as their wedding photographer. I specialise in being a witness to the day and neither setting up or orchestrating things or people. I do shoot enthusiastically throughout the day however, making sure I capture all the people present, naturally and candidly. You can see other examples of my work here. Michelle and Chris ordered a superb Queensberry wedding album following their day which displayed their preference for black and white wedding photography.

Sometimes it’s not deemed appropriate for the wedding photographer to be at the front or anywhere near the ceremony. I always think this is shame as there are always great emotional moments during that time. However, I’m always respectful of that decision (it’s not my day after all) and will happily work within any restrictions on the day. It’s always a good idea to have this conversation with your officient before the ceremony to make sure what is, and is not, allowed. Sometimes photographers are told different things to the couple on the day, so best to make 100% sure.

If you’re considering Haileybury for your wedding here are somethings to consider

Set in over 500 acres of Hertfordshire countryside, Haileybury‘s grounds are some of the most exquisite and beautiful in Hertford and perfect for a wedding photographer in Hertfordshire like myself. Approximately half the site comprises formal and informal gardens and associated grounds; the remainder being largely woodland.

Here is a small selection  from Michelle and Christopher’s Hertfordshire wedding. I hope you enjoy them. If you are interested in my candid style of wedding photography and don’t want to have your day caught up with endless groups and fashion shoot type photography, contact me here today and we can arrange for an informal chat. I’d love to hear about your day and your hopes and aspirations for your wedding photography.






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Berkhamsted Wedding | The Gatsby | Hertfordshire

August 11, 2014
11 Aug 2014

Hertfordshire Wedding at The Gatsby Berkhamsted


Weddings in Berkhamstead


On the day of Laura and James’s wedding we were having a spat of those heavy summer showers followed by wonderful sunny periods. I crossed my fingers that we could weave our way through it all without getting soaked.

Arriving at Laura’s mum’s house in the morning, all I could hear was the constant laughter. This, I decided, was the key to a great day. Laura had made all the plans, delegated all the tasks. If it rained, then so what? Nothing was going to stop the love, laughter and fun during this wedding.

After some getting ready shots, I made my way down to Berkhamsted Town Hall. Inside it was like stepping back in time 50 years. Stained glass and polished oak made for a classic setting for the ceremony.

James was there laughing and joking and so well supported by his friends. I knew the joking and back slapping would wear off once he was at the front, awaiting Laura.

Guys will always have a ‘moment’ when their bride walks down the aisle and they see her for the first time. I say it’s something to be proud of, even if there’s a tear shed. It’s the mark of the true man to show some emotion in my opinion.

Following the ceremony we dodged the rain and made our way to The Gatsby, a local restaurant. The Gatsby is a converted cinema that dates back to the 30’s and maintains it’s art deco theme throughout, very cool with helpful and friendly staff.

A great night ensued and The Gatsby was full to the brim with family, friends and well-wishers.

Congratulations again to James and Laura on their Berkhamsted wedding. Here is a small selection from the day.


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If you’d like to find out more about my approach to wedding photography, please do contact me here, via the contact page of my website

Documentary & Reportage Wedding Photography | Hertfordshire | London

July 8, 2013
08 Jul 2013

Documentary Wedding Photography | Hertfordshire

The documentary wedding photography approach to photographing details by Bob Owen Photography.

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographers


When you look at a lot of the pictures of details within traditional wedding photography, you’d think it was all about still life. It’s entirely natural to want a record of the most important things that you’ve chosen to wear on your special day, but how do you want to remember them?

Consider the rings for example.

It’s sometimes the way to photograph rings in a neat little pile in a pretty location, but I try and take the natural, reportage approach. I’d far rather photograph the ring in a setting that’s real and meaningful, which, considering a wedding is just about the most staged event you could imagine, is no easy task.

Observational skills, the ability to predict a moment and being at the right place at the right moment are all qualities needed to capture the ring at a meaningful way.

If you’re thinking about getting friend or relative to capture these moments within your day, ask yourself if they’ll take a still life picture, or will they miss it out entirely?

I want to present the detail shots I take in a natural and fitting context, so that it’s not just another dry still life picture.


Reportage wedding photography | Hertfordshire


If you like the documentary and reportage approach to wedding photography and are getting married in the next year or two, contact me now for an informal chat. I’d love to here about your wedding and how you want to remember it.

This post was first published on the blog of Bob Owen Photography Ltd



London Documentary Wedding Photographer | Professional Photographer Magazine

May 24, 2013
24 May 2013

Hertfordshire and London based documentary wedding photographer Bob Owen featured in Professional Photography Magazine.

In the middle of last year I was contacted by a reporter from Professional Photographer Magazine and asked if I’d like to feature in their Turning Pro supplement. I’m always happy to talk about wedding photography with anyone who’ll listen, so it was my pleasure to take part. Apparently my work stood out to the reporter, which is always nice to hear in a fairly saturated market.

I’ve been a photographer or some years now, but it’s taken me quite a while to establish something that’s really just me. I’m not wholly keen on the word ‘style’ as that tends to pigeon-hole photographers. It’s not a style, it’s just what I do. That being said it’s a convenient way  for clients to describe their personal preferences when it come to choosing wedding photography, so, for that purpose, I work in the documentary or photojournalistic style.

In many ways, the article is a thank you to people that have helped me along the way. Not just the people that have mentored my photography and the significant jump into being a full time professional a couple of years back, but my accountant and business advisors.

Here’s the article if you like to know a bit more about me and if you like what you see and are planning your wedding, contact me today for an informal chat with obligation.

Professional Photographer Magazine Article Featuring Bob Owen

Hertfordshire & London Documentary Wedding Photography


This post first appeared on the blog of Bob Owen Photography.

Hertfordshire & London Wedding Photographer | On Being Discreet

May 22, 2013
22 May 2013

 On Being Discreet



Hertfordshire Wedding Photographers


Within documentary wedding photography, one of my goals is to capture the moments when two people first see each other on the day, whether that’s the bride and groom, or in this case, the bride and her dad. In this photograph all is washed aside in a moment of pride and love that only a father and his daughter can understand and for me, that’s a special moment, a memory, recorded.

Sometimes it’s hard to remain what has become somewhat of a cliché in wedding photography circles, and that is ‘unobtrusive’. As a documentary wedding photographer, I’m not invisible after all. I think it’s more about how the day as a whole is handled.

I arrive early and set about quietly introducing myself to everyone. It’s not helpful if the photographer pops up like a random stranger in front of family and relatives who haven’t been privy to the photographic arrangements after all. I want to get to know people, I’m interested in everything and I want to get into the vibe of the day. The cameras come out later in the proceedings, and once everyone has started getting on with the preparations for the day.

I don’t look for reactions from the people I photograph and just quietly get on with my task. I tend to work quite close to people so occasionally I may say, ‘Just stop there’ or ‘Hold that’ in order to capture a moment and then move on without seeking validation. Nothing is mocked up or re-staged and I’m not looking for people to pose for me. People soon get used to ignoring me and stop reacting to the camera and my presence. I certainly don’t leave anyone with the feeling that I’m some sort of paparazzi photographer with a huge zoom lens, photographing from the periphery.

So that sums up my manner. I take my dress code from the day and the guests. In terms of appearance, I want to blend in and at the same time appear to be the professional that I am. More often than not, I’ll wear a suit, as I find that suits most of my client’s expectations.

It’s only through remaining low profile, not invisible, but discreet that it’s possible to capture the chemistry that goes on between two people.

If you like this approach to wedding photography please contact me here  today to arrange an informal chat.

This post first appeared on the blog of Bob Owen Photography.



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