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A Favourite Wedding Image | Instagram @bobowenphoto

January 2, 2017
02 Jan 2017

Bob Owen Photography on Instagram

A favourite wedding image and why I’m using Instagram

More on Instagram in a second.

Here’s another in my series of favourite wedding photography images. It’s easy to be overwhelmed or impatient when photographers show dozens of images in blog posts, so this is another way of drawing attention to the type of image I’m looking to make at your wedding.

I don’t set anything up or orchestrate scenarios. In the decades to come, you’ll probably only remember those as “the ones the photographer made us do”. That being said, that doesn’t mean the pictures have to lack creativity or be mundane.

This picture was taken at the end of the day at a Chinese wedding in London. The huge wedding breakfast had been on a floating restaurant in London’s Docklands , all part of the now gentrified East End. Peter and Sophie’s friends gathered outside on the deck of the floating return to take part in a traditional Chinese custom, that of writing messages of love and good will onto lanterns that were then set soaring up into the night sky.

Faces lit only by the lamp itself make well framed candid portraits, without having to pose and say cheese in an awkward way.

Social media platforms can be a fickle medium for photographers. Mystical algorithms decide who shall see your work and who won’t. Behind the scenes payments can artificially inflate a photographers “likes” and so on, but are ultimately, well, artificial.

That’s why I’ve taken to showing my images on Instagram  as my primary platform for getting my images “out there”. My name on Instagram is @bobowenphoto.

This way I have complete control of creating my own little ‘world’ rather than one a computer decides. It’s a much more fun outlet for me with a freedom and intimacy I really enjoy. I’m able to weave personal and professional images into something that is specifically “me”. My feed there isn’t excusively wedding photography, it’s a mix. I post pictures that are for friends, clients, family and friends in the photography industry. Some of those titles overlap, so I only have the one account, whereas some photographers have two. One for their professional ‘face’ and another for their life. I also post occasionally about my cameras, a book I especially like or take inspiration from or something from my family.

My Instagram account is a personal blend and unlike any other. There’s only one me after all! Look me up and make a comment on any of the images, I’d love to hear what you think and I always do my best to reply. There’s not much point if we don’t interact to be honest. I’m there to ‘meet’ people, all be it virtually, not to collect ‘likes’.  Let’s talk!


If you’d like to know more about my style of documentary wedding photography, contact me here today, I’d love to hear about your plans.

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