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A Favourite Wedding Image | Group Photo

December 14, 2016
14 Dec 2016

group photo


I think that sometimes a few pointers as what a photographer is trying to achieve can be helpful. With this in mind I’m starting a series called ” A Favourite Wedding Image” to do exactly that. I hope you find it helpful and at least that you enjoy my pictures. That’s all that’s required. Enjoyment.

Group Photo

Group photos are an important part of any wedding photography. It’s worth considering what a group photo consists of. It can be something that’s formal, everyone stood in rows and smiling at the camera. I’d say that that most weddings I shoot have an element of this in the day. That’s a good thing if they’re managed without alienating the guests. Easier said that done.

In my wedding coverage, I ask couples to consider having no more than 3 of these types of group shot. That way, the formal “mantelpiece” shots are taken care of . In the future everyone can see who was there and what they wore. That’s about all that photograph will tell you though. No emotion, no give away facial expressions, no interaction with the people present.

I’d ask you to consider the image above. People interacting, laughing, smiling, telling stories and catching up. This is the type of image that I believe will take you back to how you felt on the day. That’s what I want from my images and that’s why this is a favourite image of mine.


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